The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology encourages patients to take an active role in their oral health care needs.  We hope that you will explore our website to learn about a number of important dental topics.  We suggest by starting with the resources provided here:

Frequently Asked Questions

The IAOMT gives you the answers to the most frequently asked questions by patients.

Know Your Dentist

Whether your dentist is a member of the IAOMT or not, it is very important that you know your dentist!

Know Your Dentist
Oral Health Integration

IAOMT Promotes Biological Dentistry and Oral Health Integration.

Fluoride Facts

IAOMT is concerned about the many sources of fluoride and health risks from this exposure.

Fluoride Facts
Dental Mercury Facts

Learn the most essential dental mercury facts by using these resources.

Alternatives to Mercury

Read about alternatives to dental mercury amalgam fillings.

Alternatives to Mercury Amalgam Fillings
Safe Amalgam Removal

Learn the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol.

Why Use IAOMT Dentists?

Read About the Top Five Reasons to Use an IAOMT Dentist.

Why Use IAOMT Dentists?
Search Dentists/Physicians

Search for an IAOMT Dentist/Physician.